Foreigner Communities in Estonia

The number of foreigners living in Estonia has grown tremendously. Each and every one of these people has their own story as to why they have decided to come and stay here. Although we all have different lives, hobbies, and backgrounds, being a foreigner in a new country is something that can potentially create a bond between people, and inspire people to offer support to those in need. 

Here is an overview of foreigner groups in Estonia, if you wish to meet fellow expats:

•    International House of Estonia (based in Ülemiste City, Tallinn):
•    International House Tartu / Tartu Rahvusvaheline Maja:
•    Tallinn Expats
•    Expats in Tallinn:
•    Foreigners and Expats in Estonia:
•    Foreigners in Tartu:
•    Estonian Institute:
•    Ukrainians in Estonia:
•    International Women's Club of Tallinn:

Find a more detailed list of groups here: