Media Channels

If you wish to read other news portals outside of this one, head on over to the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR in Estonian) website, It offers reliable and quality news in English. Another option would be to check out, which is media company Postimees's English website. 

The biggest newspapers in Estonia are Postimees, Õhtuleht, Äripäev, Eesti Ekspress, and Eesti Päevaleht. They are all available in both print and digital versions, outside of Äripäev, which has only a website. One of the biggest news sites in Estonia is 

Estonia's television broadcasting generally offers content only in Estonian. We have 3 public broadcasters, and over 20 private TV broadcasters. The most viewed channel is ERR. Channels TV2 and TV3 offer entertainment content, and Estonian reality programming. You can ask your telecommunications provider to see the list of available options, and determine what you might be interested in checking out.

Foreign-language content is not dubbed in Estonia, so even if you don't understand the local TV shows, you still can watch films or outsourced content. 

Radio channels primarily offer Estonian or Russian content. Only Raadio Tallinn offers some foreign content in the late evenings. We have 5 public broadcasting channels, and 29 private radio channels, so there is something for everybody's taste! The top 3 most-listened radio stations are Vikerraadio, Raadio Elmar, and Sky Plus.