Moving Your Belongings

It's time to bring your stuff to Estonia! You can find everything you need in Estonia, but we all know that sentimental value is priceless, so we're sure that you'll have some things you'd like to bring with you. After packing up everything that sparks joy in your life, send it all our way with an international shipping company, unless you plan on driving here in a truck.  

If you’re moving from an EU country, there are no tax restrictions, so you can move your entire home's worth of items if you want to. If you move from a non-EU country, you must pay an import tax. Your clothes and other necessities won't be taxed. You can import your personal property (such as household items) by applying for tax exemption. Ask for more details about that from the Tax & Customs Board:

Moving Your Car

If you have decided that public transport just isn't enough for you, and you want to take along your trusty automobile, then you have to register your car within 12 months of your arrival, or as soon as you get your right of residence in Estonia. If you are coming from a non-EU country, you will need to wait for your residence permit to import your car duty free, (if you’ve bought it at least six months before). 

Read more from The Estonian Transport Administration:

Moving Your Pets

When moving within the EU, your dog, cat, or ferret needs to have a microchip or tattoo, a valid rabies vaccination, and an EU pet passport.

If you’re moving from outside the EU, you will still require the above list of necessities, but additionally, you will need a special certificate and a declaration of non-commercial movement: There might be some additional rules, so be sure to look into these details before making your move.

Read about moving your pets: