Transport Options

Public Transport
Public transportation is an affordable way of getting around in Estonia. We don't have a metro system, but there is a well-organized bus system that will take you from town to town, and around the bigger cities. In Tallinn, we also have trams and "retro" trolleys. Trains are also a comfortable option, as well, but our train-line options are more limited.

In Tallinn, public transport is free of charge for Tallinn residents, children, and elderly residents. This is something rather unique in the modern world: You can ride around all day if you'd like to, at no cost! Unsurprisingly, this has made public transportation rather popular, and the busiest lines can be quite packed during "rush" hours.

To best organize and plan your travels in the capital, try utilizing a travel planner that will suggest suitable routes and boarding times. In Tartu, you'll find timetables and tickets on -- Pärnu has a similar site, as well: 

You can buy a single ticket from the bus driver in cash, but it’s much more convenient to get a green Smartcard from your nearest post office, supermarket, or R-Kiosk. You have to validate your card every time you ride, and a single fare is valid for an hour. 

Bus Between Cities
If you wish to travel between cities, or to other countries by bus, then Tallinn Bus Station is the main location for that. You can find timetables and tickets online: 

Unfortunately, you can't travel to Europe via train as you might in other countries -- at least, not yet. The Rail Baltica project will eventually connect Baltic countries to the European train network, but the project is still in its early stages, and will take many years for completion. Local train travel is quite organized, though, even if some lines can be quite busy and packed. The main train station is The Baltic Station in Tallinn, and you'll find all the timetables and tickets on

We have many small and adorable islands. If you wish to ride a ferry to enjoy our island life, then you'll find timetables and tickets on

Estonians are proud of the unicorn startup, "Bolt," which was founded by Estonians, and is now gaining popularity over the world. Bolt offers different transportation options, similar to Uber: car sharing, taxi, scooter rental, and even food delivery. It is one of the most popular options in Estonia for when you need to order a car to get somewhere. Just download the app, and you're ready to go!

If you don't trust app drivers, and you want a classic yellow taxi, then Tallink Takso would be a reliable option for you. Another option would be Forus Takso.