The Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank announced that it designated AS LHV Group as an important financial holding company and will take both AS LHV Group and its subsidiary AS LHV Pank LHV Pank is an Estonian banking and financial services company. under its direct supervision from January 1, 2023. Until now, LHV was supervised by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

As a competent authority, the European Central Bank directly supervises credit institutions that are significant according to the criteria of the Unified Banking Supervision Regulation. The importance of credit institutions is determined according to the criteria of Article 6 of the Unified Banking Supervision Regulation, taking into account the total value of the assets of the credit institution, its importance from the point of view of the host country or the economy of the entire European Union, the importance of the credit institution's cross-border activities, and also whether the credit institution has applied for or received financial assistance from European aid mechanisms.

In its decision, the European Central Bank assessed that LHV plays an important role in the economy of Estonia as a member state, and the group's assets accounted for more than 20 percent of Estonia's gross domestic product.

LHV Group is Estonia's largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia. The main subsidiaries of LHV Group are LHV Pank LHV Pank is an Estonian banking and financial services company. , LHV Asset Management and LHV Insurance. More than 860 people work in the companies of the group. As of the end of October, 369,000 customers use LHV's banking services, 130,000 active customers of pension funds managed by LHV, and 150,000 customers are protected by LHV Insurance. LHV's UK branch provides banking infrastructure to more than 200 international financial services companies, through which LHV's payment services reach customers all over the world.