Yesterday evening in Luxembourg, the Baltic Sea sprat, herring, cod and salmon quotas for the next year were decided, and for Estonia this means a reduction in quotas for all fish species, except for Baltic herring.

The herring quota of the Gulf of Livonia in 2023 will be 4% lower and the sprat quota 11% lower than the year before. Quantitatively, this means that in the Gulf of Livonia next year, Estonian fishermen may catch 21,078 tons of herring, and the quota for sprat is 25,670 tons.

On the other hand, the Baltic herring quota in the open part of the Baltic Sea will increase by +32%, and this indicator will be 7,950 tons in the new year.

As for salmon, the salmon quota for the open part of the Baltic Sea is 1,344 pieces, and the quota for the Gulf of Finland is 969 pieces. In 2023, target fishing for cod and salmon is prohibited, so we are talking about by-catch only.