In some places, a sufficiently thick ice cover has formed on the water bodies, which is why fishermen can now also go onto the ice in places with vehicles.​

From December 28, it is allowed to go on the ice of Lake Lämmijärv and Lake Pihkva both on foot and with all-terrain vehicles.

Currently, you can only go to the ice of Vaniku, Pabra and Kriiva lakes on foot. You can also walk on the ice of Lake Peipsi within Jõgeva County County in the eastern part of Estonia (pop.29,000). and Tartu County County in the east of Estonia (pop. 154,000). , but only up to three kilometers from the shore. Elsewhere in Peipsi, the ice conditions are not yet good enough, and therefore it is not allowed to go on the lake ice either on foot or with vehicles.

It is still forbidden to go out onto the ice of Lake Pattina, both with vehicles and on foot. Approaching the mouth of the Võhandu River and Salusaari closer than 200 meters should also be avoided, as the ice in these places is dangerously thin. It is also forbidden to get closer than one kilometer to the source of the Narva river The largest river in the country by discharge. .