Here are the best winter activities to do in Estonia:

For the Traditionalist

Who said there is anything dull about classic winter sports? Go ice skating on an outdoor rink in the heart of Tallinn Tallinn, the largest city and capital of Estonia (population 440 000). ’s Old Town, or hop just outside the city for a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride. In South Estonia, traverse kilometres of downhill and cross country skiing tracks in the landscapes of Otepää or skate on the frozen sea in the Northern island town of Haapsalu Town in the west of Estonia(pop.10,000). !

Haapsalu Town in the west of Estonia(pop.10,000). Väike Viik skating rink

Come and bring your friends to spend a day skating or playing hockey on the lovely Väike Viik. You can also skate and ski on the sea ice on the two bays of Haapsalu Town in the west of Estonia(pop.10,000). – Eeslaht and Tagalaht.

When temperatures plummet and the Estonian landscapes transform themselves, with ice and snow abounding, unique sporting conditions appear. As Estonians have done for centuries, visitors can also experience skiing, skating, sledging and snowshoeing across the sparkling winter scenery. Explore the diverse regions and untouched wildernesses through your favourite winter sport, or if you don’t yet have one, try out an adventurous new activity!

Pühajärve-Kääriku Ski Track

Enjoy the magic of winter on the 10 km Pühajärve-Kääriku ski track. It has a simple relief and is well suited for amateur skiers. In Kääriku itself, you can continue your skiing hike on the Kääriku ski tracks, which vary in length.

For the Adventurer

Explore the Kõrvemaa nature reserve in Northern Estonia, either by snowmobile for the speed seekers, or by husky sledge for those who are more animal lovers. Spend an afternoon exploring, or even make an overnight expedition. Downhill ski on the slopes of Estonia’s most famous mountain ski centre, Kuutsemäe, or on the former mining-heaps-turned winter centre, at Kohtla.

Dog sledge tour of Kõrvemaa / Rapla County County in the western part of Estonia(pop. 33,000). replete with huskies!

Husky dogsled rides are undoubtedly the most fun you can have in Estonia in the winter. Participants of the tour can try riding a traditional husky sledge; additionally, they will learn about the life of huskies, their training and their fun and friendly character. Depending on the route, we will visit the most important sights of the region and talk about the nature and history of the area. The tour lasts about 5 to 5.5 hours. Remember to wrap-up warm!

Snowmobile trip in Kõrvemaa

You can select between trips of various durations starting from one hour. Longer trips include a picnic; if you would like, we can also organise a safari at night.

For the Discoverer

Do you like to seek novel and unique experiences? Hike through bogs with snowshoes and spend the night in a tepee, or go ice-hole swimming after working up a sweat in a traditional Estonian smoke sauna for a tingling, energizing feeling like no other. Take to a kicksledge for a different way of traveling through winter landscapes, and visit an uninhabited island in the middle of Estonia’s largest lake.

Two day trek for nomads ‘Hiking on snowshoes in the tranquil bogs of Rapla County County in the western part of Estonia(pop. 33,000).

A primeval nomadic trek is the perfect trial for the brave and the adventurous. This is an escape from the harrowing limitations of daily routine to get back in touch with yourself and nature. For two days, we’ll be hiking on snowshoes; during the night, we’ll stay in a tepee by a crackling fire. We will travel across cultivated landscapes, bogs and through the woods. On the first day, we will cover 17 km and on the second day, 10 km.

A winter safari and ski trip in Kakerdaja bog

You can go on a ski trip on wide hiking skis that can be attached to any type of footwear. To offer you a special experience, you will be driven to the bog in ZIL safari trucks! These are 6x6 trucks of Soviet origin meant for military use and rough terrains. At the back, there is enough room for 35-40 people.

Sauna session in a traditional Old Võromaa smoke sauna at Mooska

The smoke sauna traditions of Old Võromaa have found a dignified place in the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritages. At Mooska Farm, you can sample this ancient Estonian heritage for yourself. A traditional sauna session lasts at least three (3) hours, and the smoke sauna of Mooska Farm can comfortably accommodate eight people. The rich aroma of burning wood is complemented by a whispered note of the meat smoked in the sauna, birch boughs, and sauna honey. Located next to a pond; in winter, you can quickly dip yourself in its nearby icy waters.

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