, Estonia's first "best before" e-store for goods approaching this date, founded by young entrepreneurs, has saved 150,000 products in half a year. Yesterday they opened a store in Tallinn Tallinn, the largest city and capital of Estonia (population 440 000). , Balti Jaam market.

According to the founder of Sumena, Oliver Sebastian Lamp, the record price increase in regular stores has increased the demand for more affordable, but actually just as good, food to the ceiling.

"There are already about a thousand regular customers and many people asked for the opportunity to come to the store to pick up or pick up the goods themselves. According to the demand, the plan is to continue expanding with physical stores," said Lamp.

"Initially, the store has a hundred different products. Most of them have actually not exceeded the "best before" deadline, but are approaching it, but are many times cheaper than the regular price. Initially, we offer off-the-shelf goods, so to speak, and we also expanded the assortment in the physical store - we can now also sell goods with heavier glass containers, which were otherwise inconvenient to send to the parcel machine. In the future, there are also plans to start selling deep-frozen items, so that people can get a large part of their daily food basket from here," added Lamp.

"In Estonia, nearly 167,000 tons of food worth 164 million euros are wasted every year, a large part of which could actually be consumed. As a rule, the quality or properties of food labeled "best before" do not decline months or even years after the expiration date. Food rescue is nothing to be ashamed of, quite the opposite. If a person tries it once and sees that the product is just as good, he will come back," Lamp described. was launched by two young entrepreneurs with a green mindset, Joosep Kaljula and Oliver Sebastian Lamp, and currently the store has a selection of 300 products, from sweets and juices to dry ingredients, beauty products and pet food.