Creating A Company

Estonia is an entrepreneurial country where a company can be created online in just a few hours, and from almost anywhere in the world! Just sit back, drink your morning coffee, and bring your business to Estonia. It is fast and easy, so it is no wonder that we are continually booming with new startups and unicorns. 
The best way to start a company is with e-Residency:

We offer a government-issued transnational digital identity, available to anyone in the world. Outside of just simple ways to start a company, you can manage your business completely online: with minimal cost, and hassle-free administration! Holders of an e-Resident's card can sign documents digitally, and have access to all Estonian e-services.

If you don't have e-Residency and you don't want to create one, then you have to make a visit to the notary in Estonia to open a company. 

Register A Company Online With Just A Click

1.    Choose a name for your company. You can check the availability of the name from the e-Business registry. 

2.    Register your company online with an ID or e-Residency card. You have to pay the state fee of €265, and also share capital through the state portal, or choose to defer the share capital payment. 

After Founding The Company

1.    Check at the Register of Economic Activities if your company’s area of activity is subject to special requirements. If that is the case, you’ll need a special license.

2.    If your company has employees, you'll have to register them in the employment register through the Tax & Customs Board. If your taxable turnover exceeds €40,000 from the start of the calendar year, you'll also have to register your company as a VAT-paying company at the Tax & Customs Board website. 

Take into account that, if the contribution of the company’s share capital is not monetary, but rather a monetarily appreciable thing or proprietary right to be transferred to a private limited company, or the founders of the company cannot digitally sign documents, then you'll have to open the company in person with a notary. 

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