Everyday Life

In this section, you'll find an overview of practicalities that will help you navigate daily life in Estonia. You'll learn where to go on weekends, how to meet other people, what the best places are for shopping, and how our public transportation system works. 

As you may already know, or will soon find out for yourself, Estonia has a dark "autumn-winter-spring" season. This is when the sun is mostly hidden behind big dark clouds, and night falls early. This will last for almost half of the year. This weather particular will also reflect in people's behavior. From May until October, there is always a lot to do. Every weekend, there are festivals all over the country, and people go out to bars and cafes, You'll find suburbia filled with families having barbecues, and friends gathering to party in summer cottages. 

As October becomes November, however, the dark autumn begins to rear its head, and everything sort of quiets down. Walking in the middle of the city center at 10:00 PM on a November evening, you may only see a few people. It might even look like a ghost town, (except for weekends), as people start to spend much more time at home. This dark season has its perks, though, as it's perfect for theatre visits, movie nights, restaurant dinners, and going to spas, sports clubs, libraries. Luckily, Estonia offers a great selection of these places.